Stella Bakery Blog – Rhubarb Streusel with Old & Ancient Flour

Link to: Stella’s Rhubarb Streusel Recipe Here’s a tip: Old & Ancient Flour can be sifted at home to remove much of the bran and result in a flour which is like the white spelt called for in Stella’s recipe. We hate to do that because it removes a health benefit of the whole grain….

Pandemic Demand for Grains, 5/13/20

News > COVID-19 > Grain May 13, 2020 | Financial Post Pandemic Eating Sparks Demand for Canadian Wheat Red lentil prices also soar, jumping 76% in past six weeks A surge in takeout pizza orders, baking and pantry stockpiling has created an unexpected “burst in demand” for Canadian wheat and lentils, as restaurants remain shuttered and…