Overnight Country Brown – from “Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast”

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This cookbook guided the development of two of our Flour from the Front blends.

Starting with the Overnight Country Brown recipe on page 173, using no commercial yeast, we inversed the amount of white flour and whole grain flour in the final dough to make these two beautiful loaves using Big Sky Rye flour. Adding 30 grams of caraway seeds nailed it.

“Overnight Country Rye” Final Dough:

  • 276 g white
  • 604 g Big Sky Rye
  • 684 g water
  • 22 g sea salt
  • 285 g levain
  • 30 g caraway seed


The same recipe works so nicely with High Wide & Wheatsome flour for a full-flavor, grain-sweet sourdough.

“Overnight Country Wheatsome” Final Dough:

  • 122 g white
  • 758 g Wheatsome
  • 684 g water
  • 22 g sea salt
  • 285 g levain


There are more tried and true recipes for Big Sky Rye and Wheatsome flours at the Recipes tag below.

pheasant-tracks-01, small

New to bread baking? Check out Ken Forkish’s videos on YouTube.


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