Pandemic Demand for Grains, 5/13/20

News > COVID-19 > Grain May 13, 2020 | Financial Post Pandemic Eating Sparks Demand for Canadian Wheat Red lentil prices also soar, jumping 76% in past six weeks A surge in takeout pizza orders, baking and pantry stockpiling has created an unexpected “burst in demand” for Canadian wheat and lentils, as restaurants remain shuttered and governments continue to urge social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, reports the Financial Post. Prices for Canadian spring wheat, a key ingredient in pizza crusts, for red lentils, a pantry staple, and for the durum wheat used in pasta have all soared in the weeks since the pandemic forced broad lockdowns of non-essential businesses. Red lentil prices jumped 76% to 30 cents/pound in the past six weeks, while spring wheat prices rose 25% to $7.25/bushel. Durum wheat rose 20% to roughly $9/bushel during the period.