Sourdough Crackers

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Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies

Big Sky Rye Flour P. S. Our favorite organic chocolate to use for this recipe is made by Equal Exchange Chocolates … Bittersweet Chocolate Chips-70% cacao and their Baking Cocoa.

Tilly Bread

Glacial Till Cereal | Bucking the Sun Flour

NY Times Sourdough Bread Recipe

Link to NYT Sourdough Bread Recipe Tested, photographed and recommended by a North Carolina customer baking with Wheatsome Flour! The recipe also has helpful information about maintaining a sourdough starter. Remember: sourdough loves rye.

Sourdough – Public Science Lab

What’s in your sourdough? This fascinating article is about the lives and times of sourdough starters, sent to me by Stella @stella_bread.

Recipe: Wheatsome Sablés

Warning sign: Truly too good Wheatsome Sablé Cookies This recipe originated with Chad Robertson’s 50/50 Sablé Cookies in Tartine Book Nº 3. I love almonds and chocolate, plus I had some Plum Good Currant Jam from the farm, so these are my two variations on the Tartine recipe. I’ve cut his recipe in half. Made on…

Recipe: Overnight Country Bread

“Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast” by Ken Forkish guided the development of our Flour from the Front blends. Starting with the Overnight Country Brown recipe on page 173, using no commercial yeast, we inversed the amount of white flour and whole grain flour in the final dough to make beautiful loaves. Our original sourdough starter (levain)…