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Wheat farming stores carbon

How much CO2 does wheat sequester? For each kg of wheat grain produced, a net 0.027–0.377 kg CO2 eq is sequestered into the soil. With the suite of improved farming practices, wheat takes up more CO2 from the atmosphere than is actually emitted during its production.Nov 18, 2014 › articles Improving farming practices reduces…

WSU Bread Lab

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“Intentional Farming with Conservation Grains”

Driving north from Bozeman to Choteau, the easternmost stretches of Montana’s Rockies casually release from their bouldered inclines and winding passes into a gentler landscape. From Helena onward for 100 miles, vast blankets of cropland and pastures softly billow and ease into the coulees and creeks leisurely shaping the north country. The journey is a surrender to subtler views, a submission to not getting anywhere anytime soon. Choteau itself is bound in all directions by this same expanse. But just miles east of town, amid swathes of predominantly conventionally farmed land, sits a small acreage revered and maintained a bit differently by its owners.

Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies

Big Sky Rye Flour P. S. Our favorite organic chocolate to use for this recipe is made by Equal Exchange Chocolates … Bittersweet Chocolate Chips-70% cacao and their Baking Cocoa.

Tilly Bread

Glacial Till Cereal | Bucking the Sun Flour

Farming in Ukraine


Baking thoughts

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Pandemic Demand for Grains, 5/13/20

News > COVID-19 > Grain May 13, 2020 | Financial Post Pandemic Eating Sparks Demand for Canadian Wheat Red lentil prices also soar, jumping 76% in past six weeks A surge in takeout pizza orders, baking and pantry stockpiling has created an unexpected “burst in demand” for Canadian wheat and lentils, as restaurants remain shuttered and…

NY Times Sourdough Bread Recipe

Link to NYT Sourdough Bread Recipe Tested, photographed and recommended by a North Carolina customer baking with Wheatsome Flour! The recipe also has helpful information about maintaining a sourdough starter. Remember: sourdough loves rye.

There’s a better way than this!

Dr. Stephen Jones, WSU Bread Lab, makes the point that we can increase global wheat production by 30% today–by eating whole grains. No GMOs needed.

Wild Crumb Bakery

This much loved bakery in Bozeman, MT, uses our freshly milled organic hard red spring wheat in their whole wheat bread. Go to Wild Crumb Bakery  

Breaking Bread with Stella Moss

“Flour that sits on a shelf is a dead product. We have no connection to it, to where it came from. With Ole and Conservations Grains, you know the people behind each step of breadmaking. I want to bring that connection back to people.” –Stella Moss Edible Bozeman, Issue No. 2 – Fall 2019 by…

Sourdough – Public Science Lab

What’s in your sourdough? This fascinating article is about the lives and times of sourdough starters, sent to me by Stella @stella_bread.

Stella’s Bread

Stella’s Bread Made in Bozeman MT with Old & Ancient Flour from the Front!

Now at Max’s Market!

Flour from the Front can be found at . . . Max’s Market in Bigfork MT View this post on Instagram It is all about healthy living… – – – #healthylivingtips #connectwithnature #loseyourmindandfindyoursoul #wildernesstherapy #optoutdoors #eatlocalgrown #eatlocallygrown #bigforkmt #visitmontana #montanamoments #lesswaste #wasteless #buyfreshbuylocal #bigfork #freshfoods #specialtyshop #gnp #montanalove #wellnessforall #liveclean #maxsmarketmt #optoutdoors #montanalife #flatheadvalley #bigforkmontana…

Mrs. W’s Old & Ancient with Einkorn

The einkorn is from Italy and that did it for Mary Frances! . . . Flour from the Front is now in Polson at Mrs. Wonderful’s Marmalade Cafe View this post on Instagram Mornings at Mrs. Wonderful's. Dough proofing before baking. #nofilter #bakery #madewithlove #polson #cafe #organic #montana #bread #mrswonderful #wonderful #flatheadlake #comfortfood #goodfood #earlymorning…

Old & Ancient at 2Js

View this post on Instagram Milled this morning and @2jsfreshmarket this afternoon. Now that's fresh! … Our delivery includes "Old & Ancient," the new blend of organic spelt and Kamut. I'll be making another all O&A pie crust this weekend to see if that old pie-magic can happen twice.🤞 A post shared by Conservation Grains…

Roundup Going South

“How GMO Seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s Roundup are Driving US Policy in Venezuela,” by Whitney Webb, Mint Press News

Flour in Livingston MT!

View this post on Instagram Sometimes a gift card can seem impersonal . . . but the gift of healthy food is as personal as it gets. Maybe this card could give someone a little diet boost they've been looking for. Produce galore, local meat, nicely cultured dairy or heck, maybe even deodorant that doesn't…

Don’t Call it Dirt!

View this post on Instagram There are so many ways to celebrate the Easter basket tradition with your children without resorting to the peeps🙄😊 This educational coloring book by one of their school mates Maloi Lannan @barneycreeklivestock would be a treat for any age. I could try to tell her story . . . But…

Flour in Great Falls

2Js Market in Great Falls in now carrying Flour from the Front!   Go to 2Js Market, Great Falls

Conserving Soil

View this post on Instagram This morning, I hooked up our flatbed trailer to go pick up some rye. Walking back to the truck I noticed the difference between our neighbor's field, pictured on the left, and our field. His was a lot easier to walk through. His field with low stubble was showing dirt…

April = Shelterbelts

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Gulch Distillery wins with gin!

Gulch Guardian Gin Wins Silver – Helena Independent Record, 4/14/2019 And guess where they buy their wheat! As a big fan of a Guardian Gin dirty martini, I love it that the grain comes from our farm in Choteau. Cheers to Steffen and Tyrrell! Go to Gulch Distillers, Helena MT  

Recipe: Wheatsome Sablés

Warning sign: Truly too good Wheatsome Sablé Cookies This recipe originated with Chad Robertson’s 50/50 Sablé Cookies in Tartine Book Nº 3. I love almonds and chocolate, plus I had some Plum Good Currant Jam from the farm, so these are my two variations on the Tartine recipe. I’ve cut his recipe in half. Made on…

The Brix score: Sugar and Minerals

“Plants with higher brix readings are more resilient to disease and insect attack.” –from The Conscious Farmer website Go to their website to read more about:  Brix scores are indicative of plant health and healthy food.

About Those Bags

The Truth About Compostable Coffee Bags Our CG bags are constructed with the Earth First film and can either be recycled or (as it turns out) partially composted after the tin tie is removed. We’re not sure about the labels, however, and will report here when we know more.    

The Right Kind of Flour

The Right Kind of Flour Filmed at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival   Dr. Stephen S. Jones, Director Stephen Jones is a wheat breeder and the Director of the The Bread Lab. Stephen has a PhD in Genetics from the University of California at Davis and teaches graduate courses in advanced classical genetics and in the…

Recipe: Overnight Country Bread

“Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast” by Ken Forkish guided the development of our Flour from the Front blends. Starting with the Overnight Country Brown recipe on page 173, using no commercial yeast, we inversed the amount of white flour and whole grain flour in the final dough to make beautiful loaves. Our original sourdough starter (levain)…

Water infiltration demo

June 2018, NRCS Field Day at Spring Coulee Farm … The rainfall simulator sprays 5 trays of soil from different cultivation practices. The jars in front hold runoff water; the back row of jars show the water that has been able to move through the soil. Our SCF soil tray is on the far right…

Gulch Distillery

View this post on Instagram Made by Gulch Distillery for Gay Pride Week using currants from Spring Coulee Farm. Gulch is now also using our Conservation Grains winter wheat to make wonderful gin and vodka. We're proud! A post shared by Conservation Grains (@conservationgrains) on Dec 26, 2018 at 6:03pm PST

Sam’s cooking again

“Got your lovely flour. So many thanks! Promptly put it to work. And…that’s a braided venison tenderloin ala Seven Fires, coated in crushed olives and anchovies. Jolly Holly!”

First Flax

This is Spring Coulee Farm’s first flax crop. It was beautiful, and a good rotation crop following spring wheat. We harvested it with a stripper header, leaving those tenacious, gnarly flax stalks standing in the field this winter to catch snow and provide cover and food for the pheasants.