Grain for Distillers


Conservation Grains sells cleaned and bagged whole grains for craft distilling. 2000 lbs totes or truck loads are also available. These are the same high quality grains that we mill for flour. The grains are grown in Montana by families working to improve the soil life and wildlife on their farms.

Keldin Hard Red Winter Wheat: 12.2% protein. 61.9 lb test weight, 8.8% moisture, 439 falling number. This is very nice wheat. SOLD OUT. ORDER NOW FOR 2019 HARVEST.
Organic Gazelle Spring Rye: 10.1% protein (based on wheat calibration), 56.2 test weight, 15.5% moisture, 204 falling number. 
Malted Purple Barley from Farm Power Malt
Malted Durum from Farm Power Malt

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