Stella Bakery Blog – Rhubarb Streusel with Old & Ancient Flour

Link to: Stella’s Rhubarb Streusel Recipe Here’s a tip: Old & Ancient Flour can be sifted at home to remove much of the bran and result in a flour which is like the white spelt called for in Stella’s recipe. We hate to do that because it removes a health benefit of the whole grain….

Recipe: Bread Machine Recipe

A fan of Big Sky Rye and Old & Ancient recommended this tried and true recipe from King Arthur for bread machines: King Arthur Bread Machine Recipe Recently, the same customer did exhaustive research then purchased a counter top mill: KoMo Magic Mill Now she buys Conservation Grain’s whole berries: Order WHOLE BERRIES for milling Mill Fresh,…

Recipe: Stella’s Pfannkuchen

My favorite filling is BLT … Thick bacon, slices of a real tomato or the little ones and garden fresh lettuce inside a Pfannkuchen with mayo, folded in half!

Recipe: Old & Ancient Buns

Conservation Grain’s Old & Ancient Hamburger Buns Old & Ancient Flour is blend of spelt and Kamut. It works beautifully in this recipe which has been adapted from The Home Made Flour Cookbook, by Erin Alderson. Dough Ingredients 200 g. (1 c) warm water 2.25 g. (1 pkg) dry yeast 42 g. (3 tblsp) honey 270 g. (2…