Baking thoughts

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Stuffed Loaves

Recently I experimented with making stuffed bread. I used two different doughs–Forkish’s Overnight Country Brown recipe with Wheatsome flour, and our pizza dough recipe with Bucking the Sun Pizza flour for the loaf shown in this Instagram post. View this post on Instagram Inspired by @cairnspringmills, I experimented with a stuffed loaf for Katie's going…

Wheatsome finds yeast in California

View this post on Instagram Really happy with these beauties. I used @conservationgrains amazing wheat blend, and @wiremonkeyshop Tyler’s ufo lame. Long 5 hour autolyse, 4 hour bulk with 4 s&fs and one lamination, divided shaped and then proofed in the fridge overnight. Can’t wait to try these!! #sourdough #sourdoughbread #sourdoughstarter #sourdoughclub #sourdoughschool #sourdoughscoring #artsianbread…

Recipe: Overnight Country Bread

“Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast” by Ken Forkish guided the development of our Flour from the Front blends. Starting with the Overnight Country Brown recipe on page 173, using no commercial yeast, we inversed the amount of white flour and whole grain flour in the final dough to make beautiful loaves. Our original sourdough starter (levain)…

Sam’s cooking again

“Got your lovely flour. So many thanks! Promptly put it to work. And…that’s a braided venison tenderloin ala Seven Fires, coated in crushed olives and anchovies. Jolly Holly!”