Stuffed Loaves

Recently I experimented with making stuffed bread. I used two different doughs–Forkish’s Overnight Country Brown recipe with Wheatsome flour, and our pizza dough recipe with Bucking the Sun Pizza flour for the loaf shown in this Instagram post.

  • Thanks so much for bringing the delicious bread to the party!

First I rolled out the dough, built a layer of filling in the middle third, folded 1/3 into the middle, built another layer, and folded over that layer to complete the loaf. Pinched the edges, rolled it onto parchment paper, decorative scoring (not too deep!) and lifted the parchment with loaf into a preheated roaster. Then into the oven with the roaster lid on, and baked as you would the Overnight Country Brown. Temp: 450°.

Fillings can be anything that’s not too juicy, even some fresh mozzarella.

Of the two flours, the Wheatsome always seems to be a champ. Nonetheless, the versatility of Bucking the Sun Pizza flour, with its lower gluten, continues to surprise me.